assignment | Human Resource Management


Unit assessment: You will complete an individual professional project that contains two
cumulative components (i.e. assessment 1 will be the basis of assessment 2). You must use any
feedback provided from assessment 1 to improve your work for assessment 2.
In this unit, you will demonstrate the synthesis of the knowledge, learning, business research
methodologies, and professional skills that you have acquired and practiced throughout your
Master course. In particular, this unit builds upon your previous work in the unit ‘Research in
Business’ but the Professional Project will be based SOLELY on secondary sources of information.
You will work independently to plan, carry out and report on an investigation that addresses a
significant issue or problem in business relevant to your future profession (this will be one of the
following: marketing, HR, accounting or management). Throughout the term, your independent
study will be complemented by a series of webinars and interactions with a campus tutor, who will
provide guidance.
Assessment 1: Project context and proposal (40%)
This is an individual, written assessment, to be completed in report format. The required length of
the report is 1,250 to 1,750 words (excluding title page, preliminaries, tables, figures, reference list
and appendices). In-text referencing and a full reference list, provided in APA style, are required.
The purpose of this assessment is to provide the contextual background to YOUR future
profession, alongside a proposal detailing the topic of YOUR professional project.
In order to successfully complete assessment 1, you are required to reflect upon your course
(program) of study and the ‘profession’ that is associated with this course. This requires you to
explore the notion of ‘profession’ in general, alongside your future career pathways and the
specific profession, towards which you are studying. In particular, you are required to write a report
including the following:
1. Project context (500 – 750 words; at least 5 high-quality academic and/or practitioner
references): Identify and explore YOUR future profession (marketing, HR, accounting or
 Produce a critical review of your understanding of what it means to ‘become a professional’ in
YOUR future profession
2. Project proposal (750 – 1,000 words; at least 10 high-quality academic, peer-reviewed journal
articles): Identify a problem or issue – this must be CRUCIALLY relevant to your profession –
which your professional project will address, and write the following:
 Clear and concise working title for your project
 Background and definition of the issue/problem, including a justification why this
issue/problem is crucially relevant to your profession
 Your project’s proposed aim and objectives/research questions
 A preliminary critical literature review on this issue/problem, particularly highlighting any gaps
in the literature
 An overview of how you will be proceeding with your project, including secondary information
sources, approaches to analyse them, major milestones and a Gantt chart schedule
3. In addition, you are required to attach evidence that you have discussed your proposed topic
with your campus tutor and that the campus tutor has approved the topic prior to the vacation


My future profession is Human Resource Management. An organization is made up of different resources but the most important one is human resource as it utilizes the rest (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014). In this regard, it is imperative to have a vibrant department that is dedicated to managing all the human aspects of the organization so as to enable them to use the rest of the resources effectively towards the achievement of the overall organization goal. Human Resource Management is both an art and science of managing the people in an organization (Budhwar and Debrah, 2013). It is a science because it involves crafting and development of policies, plans, programs and strategies to help in managing various issues related to the human aspect of the organization. Human resource management is also an art as it involves dealing with such issues like conflict resolutions, emotions and feelings associated with the employees. In this regard, as a human resource practitioner, one must have both scientific and art skills to be successful.