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The concept of globalization has been overwhelmingly discussed in the business platform in recent days. The world has in the recent days been transformed into a global village characterized by intensive communication and interactions among people from all corners of the globe. This phenomenon has been of great importance to the business sector in the sense that new markets and opportunities have been opened up. The issue of growth in technology has facilitated the issue of globalization in the sense that efficient communication and transformation of people and goods has been facilitated. Nevertheless, the growth of globalization does not only offer new opportunities but also challenges to business organizations. In response to this scenario, business organizations are required to be vigorous in adopting the most competitive strategies. This entails the integration and focus on the issue of logistics, corporate strategy, logistics strategy and globalization strategy. By addressing these issues a business is able to attain a competitive strategy thus enhancing its success in the global markets. The case of Mc Donald’s has been of great importance as far as operations in the global markets are concerned. In this regards, Mc Donald’s has been able to enhance its success in global markets through strong adherence and adoption of global strategy, corporate strategy and logistical management.