Assignment 3


  • Logistics Profile 8-1 (“Logistics: Automated Warehousing and Rapid Distribution is the Solution”)
  • Figure 8-1 (Principles of Warehouse Layout Design)
  • The conceptual model originally presented in Figure 1-6

Search the Internet for a firm that specializes in warehousing or uses warehousing services extensively. How does automation integrate with and improve overall the logistics system of the firm? What customer benefit is being provided?



Global Logistics Management: A Competitive Advantage for the 21st Century, 2d ed., by Kent N. Gourdin. (Malden, MA: Blackwell, 2006). Chapter 7-9


The text discusses a number of innovations or developments occurring in logistics information systems. How do you think these advances will work together to improve customer service and/or reduce costs?


One of the organizations which employ automated warehousing operations is the Farm Frites whose headquarters is in Molendijk, Netherlands. The company streamlined its warehousing platform in the year 2003 by consolidating the storage of finished good, raw materials and goods being processed for easy automation. Since the company adopted automation in its operations in the warehouses, the company has enjoyed low cost production since it has only number of workers who operate the machines, making work to be done easier, fast and more conveniently at low costs (Quick Frozen Foods International, 2004). Through automated system in the warehousing platform, time management has been enhanced in the company where the company has been able to assure customer deliveries by meeting highly demanding timetables. Through automation in its warehouses, Farm Frites has been able to achieve optimal flow of goods in and out of its premises with minimal cost. As a result, the company has been able to manage its supply chain more efficiently since through automation, procurements have been easily managed.