assessment and plannng for adult education


I need a lit review but not for disseration but for another project.
It is to be about adult planning and assessment used in higher education.IT is to have theories,etc.


Planning and assessment forms the cornerstone of effective adult education. They form the base under which the success or failure of higher education can be assessed.   Planning and assessment can be considered as the base for implementation of strategies in higher education. However, the complexity of programs that ran concurrently and the needs of adult learning make planning in higher education a difficult task. Planning is closely related to assessment. Assessment monitors how the program goals and objectives are being met. Recent literature has emphasized on creating a link between assessments and planning (Jones, 2009; Imel, 1996; Middaugh and Sibolski, 2009). Different education models including Malcolm Baldrige framework recognize an important point of intersection between planning and assessment to ensure organizational effectiveness (Middaugh and Sibolski, 2009).