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Tata Group (company) and Corporate social responsibility
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Explain and describe Tata’s Corporate social responsibility (1,000 words).

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articles, company annual reports, industry publications, media articles and so on).
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Tata is one of the largest private companies in India and the world specializing in manufacture of different types of products ranging from steel to automobiles. Apart from being the largest private employer in India, the company is known all over the world for its corporate social responsibility programs (Tata 2016). This paper explores the company’s corporate social responsibility.

Corporate social responsibility calls for businesses to realize that successful and respected companies do not only exist to make huge profits but also use their position, influence and power to help in provision of solution to different problems facing the locals (Srivastava 2012, 22). Tata realized the power of this secret just after its inception and has initiated myriads of programs that have helped in solving different types of problems in the community. The company’s believe in corporate social responsibilities is underpinned by being among the first companies to sign the United Nations Global Compact. According to Mitra (2011, 394) corporate social responsibility requires for a company to conform to the global set standards. In this relation, Tata’s signing of the global compact can be seen as a step towards meeting the set standards and to align the company’s CSR with the best standards.