Asia media report | Obama’s Visit to Hiroshima



An important aspect of 1008IBA (An Introduction to Asia) is the development of a greater engagement with the social and political contexts of the region we will encounter throughout this study. This engagement is to be developed throughout the Course in many ways. One important way is through the development of a set of materials that we have called the Asia Media Report. This assessment item, due in Week 10, requires that you document and analyse ONE IMPORTANT issue currently occurring across Asia (Southeast and East Asia ONLY – as seen in Knight 2011).

The Asia Media Report (AMR) assignment is worth 35% of your total assessment for 1008IBA. The AMR should be approximately 1500 words in length (not including the reference list). Students must select an issue or event from a contemporary news article (i.e. within 2016) from the Asia Media sources provided below. The sources are online English language newspapers, primarily from the countries of East and Southeast Asia that are focused on in 1008IBA.


The Asia Media Report structure is as follows:


Structure Content Word Length


1. Abstract Summarise the original article of the issue or event with full reference and internet address. 100
2. Background Provide a historical context for the issue or event. 350
3. Comparative media analysis Evaluate the issue or event across a range of media sources. 350
4. Significance Explain why the issue or event is important. Take care to relate the significance to one or more of the themes discussed throughout the semester. 350
5. Discussion


Where do you stand on the issue or event? Do you approve or disapprove? What is the likely future direction of the issue or event? 350
6. Reference Should include a list of media sources related to the issue or event and other academic reference materials.(IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER)  

 Most importantly, we are looking for evidence that you have understood the lecture materials and can adapt them to further your understanding of the issues. Therefore you will be expected to use (or at the very least refer to) the lecture materials and the approaches outlined in the texts to analyse and explain the problem at the centre of the issue/event. This should be included in Sections 2, 3, 4 and 5.


Asia Media Report must be submitted online via Safe Assign(see L@G)  in Week 10 on Wednesday 5th October by 1600.



Students MUST select a key article from the EAST ASIA & SOUTHEAST ASIA sources ONLY.

East Asia

China China Daily
China Xinhua News
China Global Times
China (HK) South China Morning Post
China (HK) The Standard
Japan Japan Times
Japan Mainichi
Japan Asahi Shimbun
Japan The Japan News (Yomiuri)
Korea (S) Korea Herald
Korea (S) Korea Times
Korea (S) ChosunIlbo
Korea (S) The Korea Observer
Taiwan Taipei Times
Taiwan China Post


Southeast Asia

Brunei Brunei Times
Cambodia The Phnom Penh Post
Cambodia The Cambodia Daily
Indonesia Jakarta Post
Indonesia Antara News
Indonesia Tempo
Laos Vientiane Times
Malaysia The Star
Malaysia New Times Straits
Myanmar The Myanmar Times
Myanmar The Irrawaddy
Philippines Philippine Star
Philippines The Inquirer
Philippines Manila Times
Singapore Business Times
Singapore The Strait Times
Thailand Bangkok Post
Thailand The Nation
Vietnam Viet Nam News
Vietnam ThanhNien News
Vietnam Vietnam Tribune

Other Asia media sources

Australia SMH – the world
Australia ABC Asia Pacific
Australia SBS Asia Pacific
Australia East Asia forum
UK Guardian Asia Pacific
US New York Times Asia
US Wall Street Journal Asia
US China Digital Times


 The Asian Media Report will be assessed on the following criteria:

  1. Content

In terms of content, the marker will be looking for and evaluating:

  • Evidence of research: Students should demonstrate that they have looked for interesting and relevant sources, have read them critically, and have been able to use them to support their analysis. Familiarity with the relevant source material, as demonstrated in the text of the report as well as the reference list, is an important characteristic of an academic report.
  • Strength and logic of argument: The marker will be looking for and evaluating the student’s capacity to provide an informed, logical and forceful position in relation to the media issue or event. Students should avoid excessive description and should strive for a critical response to the research materials and course themes that demonstrates their capacity for analytical thought.
  1. Presentation

In terms of presentation, the marker will be looking for and evaluating:

  • Structure of report: The report should have six recognisable sections.

  • Standard of English expression
    : Students should strive to express themselves as effectively and clearly as possible. The conventions of contemporary English grammar should be observed.
  • Effective and correct use of citations: There are a number of different systems for referring to sources. Students are expected to use the social science method (text notes) either APA or Harvard. Whichever method is employed, it must be used correctly and consistently. More information on citations systems is provided in the GBS reference guide
  • Reference List: A reference list of all sources used in researching and writing the report must be appended to the report in the Reference list. This must be consistent with the citation system used. Please refer to the GBS reference guide as provided in the Assessment section of the course website on Learning@Griffith.
  • Word Processed:  The report must be word-processed. Hand written report will not be accepted.


A workshop on report writing skills will be held during class time in Week 8 after the mid semester exam to ensure that students understand the requirements of the semester report and to give general guidance on report writing skills.


Students who are unable to submit the semester report on the due date must apply for an extension before that date.

In accordance with the 1008IBA course profile assessment summary section 5.3:

An assessment item submitted after the due date, without an approved extension from the Course Convenor, will be penalised. The standard penalty is the reduction of the mark allocated to the assessment item by 10% of the maximum mark applicable for the assessment item, for each working day or part working day that the item is late. Assessment items submitted more than five working days after the due date are awarded zero marks.


It is the student’s responsibility to inform the course convenor if he/she will be unable to submit the report by the due date.




Plagiarism, in any form, is not acceptable, and will incur serious penalties.


If unsure about plagiarism, students should see the course convenor or IBAS success advisors before submitting their reports.


  • Margins of 2.5cm – 3cm: at left, right, top and bottom of pages
  • Papers must have 1.5 or double line spacing
  • Font size for the main text should be ‘12’ (for long indented quotes, use ‘11’)
  • Pages must be numbered and use a line space between paragraphs.
  • 1500 words (must be at least 1500 and no more than 1700 words)


The visit by President Obama to Hiroshima memorial park was historic as he was the first sitting US president to visit the site since the dropping of the atomic bombs in the city in 1945. The US dropped the world’s first nuclear bombs in Japan in 1945 (Shin, 2010).  The dropping of an atomic bomb in Hiroshima led to the highest number of deaths by a nuclear bomb. The effects are still fresh 71 years after the incident. The incident led to Japan’s surrender which also brought the Second World War to an end. The bombing saw more than 70,000 people killed in Hiroshima and analysts have claimed that the number of deaths may be over 200,000 due to radiation exposure (Alperovitz, 2016).