Arts and Science of Nursing


Analyse the scenario and its relation to professional, ethical and legal issues. The assignment must be written in the 3rd person using formal academic English.
A patient under the caregiver refuses their medication for hypertension saying they taste horrible and they don?t need them anyway.


Nursing, an art and a science, is a very critical career that deals directly and on a day to day basis with the patients (Speedy et al, 2005).  Nurses interact with patients and play an important role in the latter’s health recovery.  As an art, the nurse impacts a feeling of empathy to the patient.  This is sort of a natural ability to want to care for, encourage and show compassion to the patient.  It is not part of the curricular taught in the nursing schools.  As a science, nursing incorporates the technical aspect (Eydenberg, 2008)..  This is the theory taught of what nursing is all about.  It is the knowledge-based aspect that normalizes nursing as a profession (Hildegard, 1988).  As such, outstanding nurses develop more of the art in addition to the technical aspect (Taylor et al, 2007).