Artificial Skin


Here is a US assigentment. Take 6 paragraphs.  Harvard reference. Size 12. Double space. Title:artificial skin.
Attention: language student.  U have to use the simplest words and sentences.
Here is the outline of the assigenment :
-Introduction(Thesis statement How can artificial skin change the world)
-the history of the development of the artificial skin
-the structure of the artificial skin .Introduce different kinds of artificial skin
-take some examples of the artificial skin change the world,save people’s life,let the older people looks younger Balabala
-artificial is still a hard tech and a lot of things still need to advanced and perfected such as………


Over the last few decades, the field of medicine has greatly advanced, producing products that were considered impossible before, and in the process solving many medical challenges. Although there still remains major medical challenge, there are many promising research and product development initiatives that will resolve these challenges with time. One of the medical challenges that have already been solved is the development of artificial skin, used for patients with severe burn (McGrath, Eady, & Pople, 2014). Skin, being the largest organ in the human body, is exposed to different traumas and regeneration of a new skin is a challenge in case of extreme damage. It is an important organ that protects other human organs but it is exposed to severe damage due to dehydration, infections, burns, and others. An artificial skin is able to function in the same way as the natural skin.  It is a collagen scaffold that helps to induce skin regeneration in humans.  Therefore, the artificial skin has changed the medical world by providing a substitute skin product that can be used to assist patients who cannot regenerate a new skin like in the case of severe burns.