Article Search


Part 1 – ProQuest Search
Perform article searches using ProQuest on the following topics (limit your searches to full text, scholarly journal articles):
Topic 1: Using online learning platforms such as WebCT and Blackboard for online mathematics courses.
Topic 2: Gender issues involved in mentoring doctoral students – e.g. does it make a difference if there are women faculty on the dissertation committee of women learners?

Part 2 – EBSCOhost Search
Perform article searches using EBSCOhost on the same two topics from Part 1 (limit your searches to full text, scholarly journal articles). Select two DIFFERENT articles than you found in the ProQuest search.

Written Report:
Analyze the search activities. Include summaries of the relevant articles found. What did you discover when you explored these subjects? Did these lead to useful resources? Also describe how the databases were similar/different in the results they produced: Did you find the same articles or did you find different ones? End the essay with APA-formatted citations for the articles found.


The search activities for the two databases are quite different.  EBCOhost database was simple to search for the journal articles compared to ProQuest. EBCOhost has different database and because the two topics were related to education, they were searched in Academic Complete.  EBCOhost also gave many search results making it easier to select the most relevant journal articles.   On the other hand, ProQuest was difficult to get a direct research and it gave very few search results.  A direct search in the ProQuest Database yielded no result for the two topics. It was only when they were searched for each specific topic that the database gave related results. They had to be refined further to the specific topic.  The following are the summaries of the four articles that were retrieved from the EBCOhost and ProQuest on both topics;