Article Review


I need a Title Page and a reference page. The title page and reference page is not included with the six pages of work my teacher requires. I will need you to send me the title page and reference page on the three articles you write my review on. 12 point font, doubled spaced. My major is counseling so please pick articles on counseling. These are the directions for this assignment: Project 1: Article Review
Read three journal articles on a topic related to current issues in your major/interest area. Each
article will require critically identifying and reviewing key elements in research designs. These
elements include (when appropriate):
1. Show full Citation of the Article.
2. Identify the theory upon which study is based.
3. Identify the variables in the study and show the relationship between variables (It could
be from Research hypothesis, Research Questions or Research Objectives.)
4. Describe the research design.
5. Is statistics used? If so, which type and for what purpose?
6. Identify the sampling method. How appropriate is it and why?
7. Describe the research with respect to Validity and Reliability. Is it mentioned? If so is it
appropriate? If not which would you recommend and why?
8. Discuss the generalization of the study.


The topic of interest for this study is the use of technology in counseling. Technology is synonymous with contemporary social life. It has become an integral part of life, and its application runs through all important economic and social sectors. The counseling field is reluctant to embrace technology because of the need for a direct contract between the client and the counselor for a therapeutic counselor.  However, the profession is missing from ripping the associated benefits of cell phone technology as it has become the most preferred communication tool today. Therefore, the application of technology, especially mobile phone technology is of great interest to the counseling profession.