Art assignment | Women In Frames


Mid-term Essay (1500 words)

 (Maximum word length including footnotes, excluding bibliography: 1500.) For referencing, you can use whichever style you want Chicago.) as long as you are consistent in your referencing, and you are referencing specific pages so your reader is able to track down your references (see also the section below: ‘How to write an essay?’)

Your mark will be based on the quality of the following:

1. language: grammar, cohesion, eloquence

2. structure: well-structured, clear argument?

3. visual analysis

4. summary of the article

5. critical analysis, which means pointing out the strengths and weaknesses in the author’s argument.

assignment  : Women In Frames


Lorenzo Pericolo’s 2009 article on “The Invisible Presence: Cut-in, Close-up, and Off-Sense in Antonello da Messina’sPalermoAnnunciate” is dedicated to analysing the presence of angel during annunciation.[1]Antonello da Messina’sPalermoAnnunciateconsidered an iconic work that depicts the annunciation and the reason why it is selected by Pericolo in his analysis is because of its mysterious nature.  Pericolorelies on iconography of the 15th century Flemish Annunciation to show that Antonello’s panel should be interpreted as a shortened narrative icon.[2] The author shows the different pictorial devises like close-up, cut-in, and off-scent that are employed by Antonello in this work.

[1]Lorenzo Pericolo, “The Invisible Presence:  Cut-In, Close-Up, and Off-Scene in Antonello da Messina’s Palermo Annunciate,” Representations 107(2009): 1–29.

[2]Ibid, 5.