Read Arrowsmith, chapters 24-40. Post your analytic comments on these chapters by answering these questions.
. What causes the conflict between Arrowsmith and Joyce?
What makes Arrowsmith want to leave the Institute?
On what does Arrowsmith focus during his journey?
Why does Arrowsmith swear that he will not yield to compassion?
. Describe the McGurk Scientific Dinner.


Martin meets Joyce when he is going to the island to fight the plague.  He leaves Leora behind when he is given the authority to carry out an experiment in St. Swithin, where he meets Joyce, a rich widow from New York (Lewis 266).  Temptation for the woman overwhelms Martin although he still thinks about Leora.  Leora, having been left in St. Hubert, ventures into Martin’s laboratory where she smokes his unfinished cigarette. Unfortunately, the maid has previously knocked over the test tube with the plague, so she is infected and dies alone. Martin discovers her death and is torn apart. He spends time with Joyce while Leora is dying. This is a cause of conflict with Joyce because he feels guilty. Later, after Martin and Joyce get married and have a child, they also argue when Martin wants to leave home and join Terry in his laboratory while Joyce wants Martin to stay with her. She even builds him a laboratory in their house. However, Martin is adamant and finally joins Terry.