argumentative essay


I need an argumentative essay on any topic. I do not want an essay on anything political or religious. I also need a works cited page with this essay.It needs to be 4 pages in length. Cannot use wikipedia as a source.


Genetic engineering is a new technology that promises to revolutionize the world in different aspects, especially in food production and other areas. However, the new technology comes with many ethical and moral challenges especially on areas of application where they touch on human life. Proponents of genetic engineering argues that it has many benefits to the world including solving existent diseases that not not bee resolved for years and increasing food production to meet the need of the growing population. On the other hand, opponents argue that genetic engineering offers false promise and comes with a number of negative consequences. It is feared genetic engineering will cause existent of some organism in the ecosystem. Genetic engineering is also against religious beliefs as it goes against natural ecology. Since there is not long term research on the issue, there is fear that in the long run, genetic engineering will be harmful to humans. Genetic engineering has also been turned into a lucrative business with corporations reaping in from the process.  Considering the positive and negative effects of genetic engineering, there should be tight regulations imposed to control is application.