Argumentative essay about part time jobs while studying which I’m against


Write a-five-paragraph, well organized argumentative essay supported by logical reasoning and relevant examples on one of the topics below.
• should be double spaced, new times roman and font size 12
• Word limit: 900 words

• Make sure your essay contains a thesis statement in the introduction, that the body paragraphs follow logically from the thesis statement and from one another, and that you have an effective conclusion.

• Don’t forget to proofread your essay several times before you submit it.
1. Many teenage students today hold part-time jobs. While some parents encourage students to work part-time, some strongly disagree with the idea worrying about the influence of work hours on students’ academic performance. Should university students work part-time?
And off course I’m against students who work in part time jobs because they don’t have time to socialize have fun . Students will be always under a lot of pressure or stress that can impede their studies , it’s not good for their health because they dnt get enough sleep , they can use that time to benefit it another useful things and etc….



Students should not take part time jobs because this affects their student life in different ways. With the cost of education going up, most students have found it difficult to meet the cost of education from what they are given at home and are forced to take part time jobs to make the ends meet.  As tuition increased, more and more students are choosing to take part time jobs to meet the cost of education. However, pat time jobs have a lot of impact on student’s life as it alters their normal school schedule and are forced to live under intense pressure and stress (Martindale).  Striking a delicate balance between work and school is very difficult which implies that students should rather concentrate on their education first before thinking of seeking part time jobs. Students who have part time jobs are faced with a lot of pressure, stress, discomfort, and sometimes low academic performance, leaving a serious impact on their future, health, and their social life.