argue whether invading was a good or bad idea


need a "Classical Argument" essay on the Iraq/Afghanistan topic.


Invasion of Iraq was one of the worst mistakes that were made by Bush administration. It was a mistake that cost Republicans return to power after being in the office for two terms. Invasion of Iraq was sanctioned by President George Bush after the September 11 attack but critics argue that Bush planned to invade Iran long before the September 11 attack. Invasion of Iraq was purely based on lies that had been spread by the Bush Administration alleging that Iraq was harboring weapons of mass destruction.  President Bush convinced Americans that they were not safe with Saddam Hussein in power and therefore he proclaimed himself a messiah who would use military might to bring down Saddam Hussein and make it safe for Americans. However, critics points out that there were other reasons why Bush invaded Iraq on ground of harboring weapons of mass destruction. It was a well calculated move coming only after the September 11 attack and after the war on terror had been started (Schuler). Primarily, Bush pointed out at three main reasons for invading Iran. First, it was the weapons of mass destruction. Second it was the war on terror where he argued that Iran was harboring terror groups (Bakhtiar). Third, it was the desire of Americans to spread democracy in the Middle East and this would begin by toppling Saddam Hussein.  Analysis of the three strategic reasons reveals that none of them has ever been achieved and the whole plan has flopped. Years after the war started no evidence that links Iraq with production of weapons of mass destruction have been found. The world is still not safe from threat of terrorism and in the course of war in Iraq, Britain was attacked in 2007. Instead of bringing democracy to Iran, this invasion led to death of thousands of people and Iran is still engulfed in conflict. Critical assessment of these three points of attack and their outcome reveal that the invasion of Iraq was a misplaced idea as it did not bring out the desire results.