Are you for or against the death penalty?


the paper is broken up as follows:

Historical overview of the topic.
Arguments in favor
Arguments against
your own viewpoint


Death penalty is one of the most controversial legal and social issues in the world today. It is long debated public issue which pits those in support of death penalty and those against death penalty.  Death penalty, otherwise referred to as capital punishment, is process in criminal justice where individuals are punished through death. Therefore it can be described as the process of killing a person through a judicial process as a way of punishing individuals for their crime.  Death penalty is awarded for crimes which are regarded as capital crimes or offenses. Death penalty is a long practiced form of punishment but in the recent past, there has been call for end of death penalty in presumption that it is against human rights.  The call for end of death penalty has taken different dimensions and has been argued for even on religious platform on the assumption that no individuals have the right to take another persons life.  On the other side are those who feel that death penalty is the proper punishment for capital crimes like death since it would serve as a better means of deterring individuals from committing such crime. In an apparent application of the ‘eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth’ principle, those in favor of death punishment argue that those individuals who have committed capital offenses like murder should not be spared of the similar offence they have caused to their victims.  While a number of countries have abolished death penalty, there are many countries that are not willing to do so. Apparently, death penalty is frequently executed in countries considered to have extreme or radical political regimes like China, Iran, and others. There are many countries which have not abolished death penalty although they have thousands of inmates in the line of waiting for the hangman. Some even die in jail without seeing the hangman.  This is clear indication that death penalty is a debatable issues that may not be solved anytime soon as there are many forces in favor of or against the death penalty.