Architecture | Public Architecture, Urban and Civic Design for Enhanced Public Safety and Counter-Terrorism

Topic : Discuss how widespread insecurity and fears of public safety and welfare generated, in part, by the ‘war on terror’has or will impact on public architecture, urban and civic design


In the recent past, terrorist activities such as the September 11 attack, London Bombings, and many others have led to widespread insecurity and fears of public safety. As a consequence, the public has reacted in different ways that are geared towards enhancing their safety.[1]One of the areas that has been impacted by widespreadinsecurity and fears of public safety is the design of buildingsand public spaces.[2] In what can be regarded as 21st century architectural medievalism, public buildings and spaces are reinforced with barriers that are thought toenhance public safety and at the same time reduce the impact of a possible terrorist activity, or so it is argued. To mitigate the risk of terrorism, two broad strategies are employed.[3]The first strategy is “introducing physical, technical and procedural protective measures like barriers, bollards, and landscaping; accessing control; and surveillance devices”[4].