Application Of Lean manufacturing in small and medium enterprise


Application Of Lean manufacturing in small and medium enterprise-Case study of electronics and electrical manufacturing industry in india

Continuation of the last paper.

1. To establish whether employees across the managerial spectrum are aware of Lean manufacturing.
2. To establish whether SMEs implement the lean manufacturing concepts in full.
3. To establish whether SMEs have set lean manufacturing implementation indicators.
4. To establish whether SMEs consider lean manufacturing principles to give (and sustain) competitive advantage


Many organizations have recognized the importance of lean management in reduction of waste and improvement of quality. Due to the increased competition in the global market, companies are putting a lot of efforts in reducing cost of operations and production in order to offer their products at competitive prices in the market. Lean manufacturing helps in improving the quality of products since they are checked at every stage to identify any problems and make arrangements of solving them. It is therefore important for employees in the managerial spectrum to have adequate information about lean manufacturing in order to avoid cases of employees being caught unaware. This study aims at establishing whether the concept of lean manufacturing is implemented in full in small and medium sized enterprises in India. Basically, India has become a target market for many industries and companies of any kind because of its rapidly growing economic environment and high potentiality of customers. In this case, companies implementing lean manufacturing are better placed in achieving higher competitive edge in the market.