Application of Branding


Assessment Rationale

This assignment will help students gain an understanding of the key issues in marketing and how they are applied.

To ensure that students are pursuing activities in line with the learning outcomes of the module students will be required undertake a review of contemporary (last 3 years) academic literature to identify the limitations and challenges of applying BRANDING concepts. The word limit for the written part of the assignment is 2500 words (+/-10%).


Foundation for Marketing: BRANDING RESIT Assignment
You are required to critically review the literature on BRANDING and highlight how the theoretical issues are being applied by an organisation.

The key issues that you need to address in your assignment are:

1) Key themes and issues identified in the academic literature on BRANDING? [50 marks]
In this section students are encouraged to read widely and identify the key themes that address the following:

• Critical review of BRANDING
• Identification of how BRANDING is being used to target customers and position products/services
• Challenges of developing a successful BRAND

2) How marketing principles are being applied online by your selected organisation: [40 marks]
In this section students are encouraged to address the following:

• Discuss how a organisation is using BRANDING to compete against competitors
• How the principles of the marketing mix are being applied to enhance the organisation’s BRAND reputation
• Show examples (screen shots or other visual displays) of how the organisation is applying BRANDING
• Summary of THREE recommendations that your selected organisation could apply to improve their BRAND reputation

3) Presentation of report [10 marks]

Ten marks are allocated for presentation of the report this includes ensuring that the report does not have any spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and all citations are correctly referenced using the !!!HARVARD SYSTEM!!!!


It is well acknowledged that successful brands provide competitive advantages to their respective firms. Branding has become popular bearing in mind that brands are scalable, and are portable across products and categories. Branding has become particular important due to the increase in competition. At the same time, customers have become more passionate about what they buy and want products and services that they can identify with. Customers are also confronted with an enormous supply of products and services. Due to this changing environment, firms have been forced to embrace brands as an important asset. This paper revisits the issue of branding in the market.