any political parties or voting issue


write an proposal about any political parties or voting issue .. (cover your research question, three major points, and list at least three references. Your final paper will include more points and sources (at least FOUR) but make sure you can find at least three SCHOLARLY sources at this point (no blogs or partisan publications like Huffington Post). Remember that you must be able to discuss the other side of the issue and refute their likely arguments as well.) then Please submit your research paper based on your proposal here as both inline (cut and paste) and attach as a Word document.


The term issue voting describes the process of casting votes by voters on the basis of political issues. Unlike traditionally or in some of the developing countries where the electorates put more emphasis on the political parties based on the flag bearers, voters in the United States are mainly guided by political policies of political parties. Some public policies have been a matter of controversy hence bringing about disagreement between political parties. This study covers the research question that Catholics in the United States are faced with a dilemma between voting issues and voting parties. This is because they support the policy of Republicans based on their stance on pro-life but are strongly opposed to the death penalty which is supported by the Republicans.