any macroeconomic topic of current issue between China and US,provided it is policy oriented


Second economic research paper
•The second paper should be written to “Members of the FOMC”.
•Topic can be any macroeconomic topic of your choosing, provided it is policy oriented.
o The paper should not be the same topic as the first paper.
 NO: The first paper’s topic was about policy recommendations to improve the economic situation of the U.S. don’t use this topic
•Recommendations must include both fisal and monetary policy variables.
•The paper must include a summary of current economic conditions.
•Up to 8 any recent sources are able to use, but you don’t have to use all the 8 sources.(Recent articles or news)
ouse at least 4 articles or news which should be provided graphs/diagrams
 and explain about the graphs and diagram, But do not put any graph and diagram into the paper
* Sources can be found from:,,,,http://www.econsources.c



The unemployment rate continued to rise and hit 8.5 % this march from 8.1% in February 2009 according to the statistics released by the US Department of Labor.  When the recession took off in 2007, a whooping 5.1 million Americans have lost their jobs with 3.3 million being lost in past 5 months to March. The Household Survey Data released in April indicate that the total unemployed person rose to 13.2 million.

In March alone unemployed persons rose by 694, 000 culminating into an unemployment rate of 8.5 %. Within the last 12 months, a record 5.3 million people were unemployed with a an average unemployment rate increasing by 3.4% with has occurring in the past 4 months (BLS, 2009)