I have 5 questions but they should be answered in small paragraphs 5 or 6 lines at the most. Are you guys able to do something like that? if not let me know please. I always do it but i do not have enough time, and it always take 2 pages for all 5 questions.

My questions:
1) great basin: what might account for the timing of fremont fluorescence?

2)The "Neo Atlantic Episode" and possible implications for Southwestern Prehistory?

3) Mimbres ART technology, style and iconography

4) Paquime: Specifically what is most Mesoamerican about the site?

5) The Kiva: definition? significance?

All from North American Archaeology


Question 1 The timing of the Fremont fluorescence can be accounted by the population replacement. Basically, changes in human populations are usually related to population replacement. Fluorescence which was a material culture for the Fremont was brought about by intermingling of people from different areas with different knowledge and skills. Therefore the Fremont learnt about fluorescence from other people (Sturtevant 143).