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1- What is Husayn-McMahon Correspondence? Why do the Palestinians refer to this correspondence when they talk about the British policies in Palestine? [at least two paragraphs]

2- Write about the experience of Bushill-Matthews in the Middle East? [Your answer must be at least two paragraphs and deal with her good as well as bad experiences]

3- What is Persian/Iranian nationalism? When and how did it develop? What were the salient features of Persian/Iranian nationalism during Reza Shah’s reign? [Minimum three paragrpahs]

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This is the correspondence in form of letters that took place during the First World War as the British forces were fighting the Turkish forces, between Husayn who was an Arab and McMahon from Great Britain.

The battle ground was in the Middle East as the Ottoman Empire controlled the south which encompassed Hijaz. This also included the holy cities of Muslims, Medina and Mecca, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Jordan and Kuwait (Palestine facts, 2009). The letter that was written to McMahon in 1915 on July 14th from Husayn wanted the British to guarantee the independence of Arabs which would be under the Sharifitian government controlled by Arabs.