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8. Describe the impact on children when mothers leave to immigrate and work in another country. 2 pts 7. Describe two of the changing trends in marriages across the world? 2 pts

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Marriages across the world are changing their trends from the traditional approach that was used in ensuring that the unions worked towards the rules and policies that were set in accordance to the religious beliefs that the people held. Currently, the marriage trends that are there are contrary to the traditional forms of marriage required that the wife submitted to the will of their husbands. When it came to all the things that they did, they were supposed to please their husbands without questioning their authority irrespective of how irrational some demands were. However, in the 21st-century, women have begun to be proactive, and the decisions that are taken in their homesteads and all the matters have to be taken into consensus (Galvin, et al, 2015). Due to these reasons, there has been an increase of divorce and separations that were not common previously as more partners opting out of unhappy marriages.