Annotated bibliography


i need an annotated bibliography on the sources that are in the provide document. the paper comes from another order placed with custom writings


Breeding, J. & Baughman, F., Jr., The Ethics of Informed Parental Consent to the Psychiatric Drugging of Children. Ethical Human Sciences and Services, 3,3, 2001. In this issue, Breeding and Baughman provides us with the ethical issues that are related to the drugging of children. The authors present us with the case of the need for parental consent in psychiatric drugging of children. They don’t only portray the issue to be an ethical practice but they also shows that this is a moral obligation for psychiatrists to ensure parental consent before drugging children. This source was chosen for this paper due to is clarity and detailed coverage of the issue. It was a major source for important facts which have been presented in this paper.