Annotated Bibliography | Culture of Australian Universities


Assessment 4 – Essay


Weighting 30%
Format Submit folder and via turnitin
Date/Week 25 April / Week 9 / 11.55pm
Length 1000 – 1200 words


Essays are one of the most common forms of assessment in arts and social science units. Academic essays require that students successfully bring a large variety of skills to bear on the one task. For this reason, students often find academic essays difficult at first.


Your essay should refer to at least five (5) different sources.


Detailed feedback on the essay plan will be provided. You will hand in your essay plan on the same day you have an individual consultation.




Students will be required to write their essay, based on the detailed feedback they have received. Students will then resubmit the assignment in Week 11. The essay will receive a second mark (worth 25%).  Both stages of your essay will be marked on the following criteria:


What you have written.

Have you: read and thought widely and deeply; engaged with the question; answered the question; developed a clear thesis statement; developed a well reasoned, relevant response; used at least four appropriate sources to support your arguments? [20 marks]


How you have written (mechanics).

Have you: used a clear, successful essay structure, paragraphed correctly, written in grammatical sentences, spelled correctly, used appropriate academic register and vocabulary? [5 marks]



Have you: correctly acknowledged your sources, using APA format (both in-text and end-text references); word processed your assignment in accordance with the Format and Submission section of this document? [5 marks]



Students should use their annotated bibliography as a starting point for further research into this topic. The Significant Readings list contains useful texts on essay writing and editing.



Each institution has its own way of doing things which is regarded as culture. Universities are institutions and although they tend to have similar characteristics all over the world, universities in a particular country tend to have a unique type of culture. University culture affects all aspects of the university as well as dictating how the students behave while in the university (Zimmerman, 2002). Culture is thus, an important aspect in the Australian universities but students still face myriad of problems in adjusting to university culture.