Annotated Bibliography


Library research project
Type: Annotated Bibliography
Learning Objectives Assessed: 1, 2, 3, 5
Due Date: 12 Apr 17 10:00
Weight: 35%
Task Description:
The purpose of this assignment is to give you experience in reading the introduction and
literature review sections of research articles and identifying how research questions are
motivated and how the research questions are examined.
You should select 5 research articles from the library collection. For each article, in a separate
entry, answer the following questions. Please choose the five article very carefully as the
credibility of the article will be assessed (Criterion 6)
1. What research question(s) did the article attempt to answer?
Identify the research question(s) and, where relevant, any hypotheses tested. Please DO NOT
COPY the questions, but rewrite them in your own words.
2. What was the motivation for study?
Describe the motivation for the research undertaken. If possible specify if (and how) it was a
replication and refinement of earlier research, an extension of prior research to fill an existing
gap in the literature, or an attempt to break new ground, etc. Be specific. Name the previous
studies where appropriate.
3. What methodology was used?
Identify the research methodology used to address the research question(s).
4. What were the findings?
State the results of the study. Were the research questions proved or disproved?
Each entry should be 300 words in length. You are expected to summarise the article in
the light of the four questions above. Bibliographic details for each article should be cited at the
beginning of each entry. After completing the 5 entries write a short (600 words)
comparison of your findings for the 5 articles analysed. Comment on differences and
similarities across the 5 articles and why you think these differences and similarities
exist. These common features might include the kind of research questions asked and the
motivations used, the object of study, etc.
Style notes:
Number your entries.
The article should be cited at the beginning of each entry using APA (submitted) format.
Use double spacing. 12 point font. Follow APA format for paragraph text. Don't repeat the
original questions.
Double space, 2.5cm margin in both sides and top and bottom
Write the no. of words in the end of your assignment.
English expressions should be of a high standard.
Criteria & Marking:
Assessment sheet:

Clear presentation of the research question(s) and the motivation for the study: 20%
Explanation of the methodology used: 20%
Presentation of the results of the study: 20%
Commentary on the articles: 20%
Clarity and presentation of the assignment: 15%
Credibility of the source (chosen articles) 5%

Submission: Submission: an ecopy through Turnitin.
The penalty for late submission of assessment without prior approval of an extension to
progressive assessment is 10% of the marks available for the assessment item per calendar day
that the assessment is overdue.


In this study, Laufer and Baladzhaeva (2015) investigate whether Russian immigrants in Israel, who have little or no background knowledge on Hebrew (L2), are likely to experience attrition of Russian (L1).   The research compared immigrants who had no knowledge of Hebrew (-Hebrew), those who had knowledge of Hebrew (+Hebrew), and monolingual controls of correctness judgment of grammatical constructions and collocation. The study was carried out in the background of existing body of research that showed that when immigrants learn a new language and use if often, effectively reducing the use of L1 (first language), they are likely to experience reduced mastery of and some aspect of L1.