Android and IOS


  • Introduction
  • can make sense of the topic and the claims you make and support. An introduction should tell the reader explicitly what the thesis (the point of the paper) is. After having read the introduction, the reader should have no doubt about what the central point of your paper is.
  • State why the main idea is important– tell the reader to create a compelling, clear, and convincing essay people will want to read and act upon. An introduction should attract the reader’s attention. You should convince your audience that it should care about what you have to say, though attention to relevance and significance is part of constructing a successful thesis.
  • Essay Map and Thesis Statement: Give a preview of how you are going to demonstrate your thesis.Writers often summarize in a brief list of three or so points how you are going to back up your thesis, so as to prepare the reader and improve the reader’s recognition and retention of those points.
  • It should be about 10% of the total number of words in the paper & should include at least one academic reference.
  • Literature review and background Information


  • History about Android and IOS
  • Open source application (Android) vs. Closed application(Apple)
    1. Definition
    2. Important topics OS features: & provide some advantages or disadvantages examples for the users
      1. Security level
      2. User friendly
  • Customization
  1. General useful Features
  • iPhone vs. Galaxy (from Marketing perspective)
  1. Market Share

Show how much percentage does iphone and galaxy have based on market for example

( American market, European market, middle east market) American market will have recent change because of the law suits and cases that happened between apple and Samsung, each one of them claims that other has stolen patents from them. In addition, where can you see the two companies in 10 years from now, in which will succeed more in the market.

  1. Comparisons of marketing stands of iphone and Galaxy in last three models (Products)

It should be about the stands of both devices. To clarify, for examples first one between galaxy s1 and iphone 2G/3G then galaxy s2 and iphone 4/4s then finally galaxy s3 and iphone 5) Show the sales amount for example in first week apple sold 2 million iphone 5 in China. Compromise by showing which company’s share market has been raised or fallen. After that you have to forecast which company’s products will gain bigger shares in the near future depends on real statistics.

  • Main features and negative points of iphone and Galaxy ( justify your answer)


  • Discussion


  • This is an individual effort. Every group member independently is required to write about a page by providing his own interpretation of data. This is part where each member has the opportunity to express his own believes and contributions about the research topic.
  • Conclusion


  • A good conclusion to a research paper is the logical outcome of all that has been said earlier. Usually, the thesis statement is repeated but not in exactly the same wording. It is useful to restate the main points of your paper in a much summarized form and in different words before restating the controlling idea. Some extra points that might be included in the conclusion are:
  • What are the contributions of this literature to the field?
  • What are the overall strengths?
  • What are the overall weaknesses?
  • Are there any gaps in the literature?
  • What are some next steps for research? The next steps should explicitly address how to “correct” for strengths, weaknesses, and gaps.
  • List of References


  • APA Format.





  • Deliverables


  1. Produce a neatly written report using MS Word (not less than 3500). All project requirements should be delivered. Graphics & Figures can be used for more clarification.


  1. Citation is required for each single info you provide in the report included the resources in APA at the last page. Explain your points clearly and straight forward to deliver the meaning and to attract the reader. Not asking to fill out the report by providing something you don’t understand.


  1. Table of contents is required. (Use the requirements above in the order instruction to create a heading & sub-heading for each point).


  1. Use very clear English reflects your level of knowledge and research skills as bachelor graduate student at the last year.


In the recent past, there has been major development in the communication industry. Since the revolution of the communication industry in the late 20th century, the cell phone has become the epicenter of revolutionizing communication.  The cell phone is the main device around which the concept mobile communication has been built. In the recent past, major developments in the cell phones have taken place with the convergence of technology. According to Osman, Talib, Sanusi, Shiang-Yen, & Alwi (2012) at least 70% of the world population owns a mobile phone. The most notable trend has been the development and adoption of Smartphones. Compared to other phones, smart phones have a higher computing power and connectivity. In addition, smart phones have more capabilities including voice call, video call, MMS, SMS, and others.  Smart phones have repositioned the new communication age that is marked by convergence in technology because different computing and cell phone abilities can be accomplished through smart phones.