Anaximander’s cosmology


Write a critical scholar essay gathering and quoting information from at least two different academic sources and expressing an informed judgment on the topic.
Anaximander’s cosmology
What are the main sources of evidence regarding Anaximander’s conception of the cosmos and the earth’s place within it? What, according to our different interpretations of these sources, would be the main tenets of Anaximander’s model?


The ideas of the early Greek pre-Socratic philosophers paved the way for the study of nature through human logic. They examined the worship of the earth as a deity, and then studied its standing in the cosmos, thereby formulating the idea that planet earth was spherical in shape. They were pioneers of the theory of unifying manner of the physical world, making assumptions that one component was the foundation for everything in the universe. Thales assumed the component to be water, whereas Anaximander believed in infinity, Anaximenes in the air, while Heraclitus assumed it was fire (Couprie 100). Like Anaximander, Anaximenes stated that our world was not the only one that existed. These ancient philosophers carefully observed the happenings in the universe as natural phenomena making important contribution to the contemporary body of knowledge about the universe. They made all the attempts to infer all probable findings from observation of nature mainly by utilizing their logic. According to Rovelli, the early natural philosophers were mostly concerned with the ‘cosmic riddle’, which entailed the origin, the configuration, and construction of the Universe (85). One great philosopher was Anaximander, who is referred to as the father of cosmology. This study examines Anaximander’s cosmology, giving the main sources of evidence regarding his conception of the cosmos and the earth’s place in it. Also, it gives the main tenets of Anaximander’s model.