Analysis report – Medellín Columbia


Risk Analysis Report 2100 Words Your organisation is considering opening a tourist venture in the following high risk country and you have been asked to do a country specific risk analysis: Medellín, Colombia Your organisation must achieve sustainable business outcomes if this new venture is to go ahead and has asked you to prepare a report on the following to assist in decision making. 1. Develop a national culture profile based on a theoretical model 2. Identify the risks to the project associated with two of the following issues: corruption, terrorism and war, environmental concerns, anti-globalisation movements or poverty 3. Identify strategies to manage these risks or discuss why this is not possible 4. Recommend a course of action A minimum of 12-15 high quality journal articles/publications is required from the last 5 years only. Structure for the report should be • Introduction (100 words) • National culture profile (400 words) • Risk analysis: issue 1 (400 words) • Risk analysis: issue 2 (400 words) • Risk mitigation strategies (400 words) • Recommendations (400 words) • Appendices • References

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Medellin city is the capital of Columbia’s Mountainous Antioquia territory. The city bears a moniker “city of endless spring” since it’s calm climate has the well known blossom celebration. Because of its direct climate, the town introduces a great vacation destination goal a reason that my association needs to wander into the city as a vacationer focus. Regardless of its appealing nature, the city is immersed with many dangers that may risk the operations of the expected business. The most critical danger that introduces a test to the proposed venture falls under hostile to globalization developments and destitution. With the point of accomplishing a practical business result, the administration of the association needs to devise methods for managing the hazard related with the specified regions.