An environmental issue


You choose only one city in the UAE or a neighboring country and write about an environmental issue. More details will be available in the document provided.


Environmental issues have been very sensitive globally as in most areas all aspects of life are affected by environment. There has been increased awareness through education on the need of conserving the environment. Iran is one of the Middle Eastern countries that are adversely affected environmentally by many aspects. Since this is an oil producing country, the lack of ground water and rainfall has resulted to the country relying mostly on importation of most of its foods in order to satisfy the domestic markets. Desertification is a terminology that means land degradation in arid and semi- arid areas which result from a number of factors like climate changes and intensive human activities. Desertification can only be reversed through intensive and extensive changes both in the local and international behaviors. These changes usually lead to sustainable development through provision of adequate food and proper land use.