American Indian’s religion and culture


Main Elements: Includes all of the main elements and requirements and demonstrates deep understanding and knowledge of fundamental flaws in the Kleber article.

Inquiry and Analysis: Critically examines sources and presents clear and reasoned arguments.

Integration and Application: Integrates course concepts effectively and clearly explains the significance of key themes as applied to the flaws in Kleber’s article.

Research: Incorporates appropriate number of scholarly resources effectively that reflect independent research relevant to this subject


Religion and culture are two aspects that are used mostly in describing the history and behaviors of a group of people. American Indian’s religion and culture has been researched extensively by many writers and historians. One such writer is Louis Klebber who wrote an article titled ‘Religion among American Indians’. The article explains the different religious and cultural aspects that were common among the American Indians and how these beliefs and aspects were used in different situations. Although Klebber’s article is informative about the early American Indian’s culture and beliefs, it has lots of flaws and inadequacies. This paper analyses the article to identify and explain various flaws and inadequacies in the article.