American Ethnocentrism


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When a group of people come together, they associate themselves with a certain culture and norms, and thus become an ethnic group. A times, one engraves a tendency of down looking other people’s culture and grows a perception of his own culture to be the best, wanting to change the world primarily into his norms. This aspect of entailing one’s ethnic group or race to be the most important is what is referred to as Ethnocentrism. The belief of superiority can be defined in every life sector either in political system, social customs, language, and even extended into religion. Ethnocentrism is one of the maladies affecting many countries in the world and has resulted to misunderstanding among many countries (Salter, K. 2002). The ethnocentrism condemnation subsequently embraces multiculturalism. It occurs when other race tend to emulate other group’s way of doing things resulting to inferiority of the group.