alternative source of power


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The world is abundant with sources of energy but they have not been fully exploited. Energy is life. Without energy, the world would come to a standstill because energy is what drives life.  Today, the world’s economy is fully dependant on energy for production, transportation, and even consumption. Energy sources can be divided into renewable and non-renewable sources. Renewable sources of energy are obtained from natural sources like sun, wind, biomass, and others. These are energy sources that are not depleted in the long term. On the other hand, nonrenewable sources are energy sources that are not renewable, which means the sources can be depleted with continued use.  The dominant source of energy in the world today is fossil fuel energy. It has been estimated that the current reserves for fossil fuel will be depleted in the long run. In addition, fossil fuels pollute the environment.  For a long time, the world has grappled with sources of energy as the dominant sources of energy are deemed unsustainable in the long term. One of the alternative sources of energy that has been widely explored is wind energy. Wind energy is cheap, clean, renewable, and can provide a solution to the current problems of power in the world.