Alternative Energy Source to Fossil Fuel


Using what you have learned about energy, energy sources and the interchangeability of energy, propose a replacement for fossil fuels (petroleum, coal, natural gas), as an alternative energy source to replace the U.S. dependency on fossil fuels. Defend your opinion and support your ideas with facts. Also, explain how this issue relates to the Saint Leo core values of Responsible Stewardship and Integrity.
Executive summary format. No more than 750 words (not counting bibliography), double- spaced, 12-point font, Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, headers and footers. You are required to adhere to the 750-word maximum. For other format requirements, follow APA guidelines (see the course Resources area for more about APA).
Be succinct! Brevity is important, but completeness of answer is not excused by the 750-word requirement.
Cite facts. Do not simply offer unsupported opinion.
Provide the source of your information by providing a citation within the text.
Do not plagiarize. Use your own words. Please do not quote.
How persuasive of an argument do you make? Your ideas are important, and you will be graded on how well you defend your answer.

Bibliography. On a separate page (not counted toward your 750-word limit), list your sources in the order cited in your paper. Assignments without a bibliography will not be accepted (and are plagiarism anyway). Please use APA format for the bibliography.


The question of whether fossil fuel will be replaced is not so much relevant as when fossil fuel will be replaced.    Research findings, and even layman knowledge makes it clear that one day, the world will run out of fossil fuel and depend on  alternative  sources of energy, which means it is a question of when this will happen (Milbrandt, 2011).  However, the difficult question is not about replacement but about finding the best replacement. With a bountiful of alternative source of energy, there has not been any one that has completely replaced fossil fuel. However, considering the pattern of use of fossil fuel, hydrogen seems a perfect alternative to replace fossil fuel.  According to Pruss, Wheeler and McCord (2006) today, fossil fuel account for more than 80% of energy supply in the world.  This is in the backdrop of knowledge that fossil fuel is a nonrenewable source and the realty will come when all sources are depleted.  It is accepted that the world’s carbon reserve cannot match the current usage and in a matter of time, the supply will dwindle. Apart of from depletion, fossil fuel has had a toll on the environment. Rise of carbon atmospheric concentration has contributed to climate change. The current change of in carbon concentration is 200 times more than the world had experienced in the last 500,000 years.  These and others are reasons why the world should be moving towards replacing fossil fuel with environmental friendly and renewable source of energy.  Hydrogen is a possible replacement to fossil fuel.   Looking at the current research, there have been promising findings that shows how hydrogen can be a perfect replacement for fossil fuel.