alternative energy resources


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Energy is the engine the drives the world. In every aspect of life, some form of energy is required. In transportation, we need energy to fuel our cars and move people and good from one place to the other. In industries, energy is required to power machines and maintain cycles of production. At home, energy is required for cooking, ironing, heating, and for other uses. Energy is the engine that drives economy and though it has not been classified so, it can be said to a basic need in the contemporary world. There are two main forms of energy in the world, renewable and non-renewable energy. The current energy supply in the world largely depends on non-renewable forms of energy, specifically fossil fuel, which has many disadvantages.  Renewable forms of energy also referred to as alternative forms of energy have not been explored and their use is currently limited. Although they have not been fully exploited, the future of energy supply in the world lies in effective harnessing and use of alternative energy.