Aggression and Violence in Preschoolers: Sources and Consequences.


The topic I selected is: Aggression and Violence in Preschoolers: Sources and Consequences.

The class is Psyc Life cycle and development

The Paper Assignment consists of selecting a topic from your book that you would like to learn more. You will use a minimum of 5 different professional journal articles relating to this topic. You will then summarize the information and present it in a paper of a minimum of 5 double spaced typewritten pages in length. The topic selection due date and the due date for the paper are outlined on the Calendar. The topic must be pre-approved by the due date. Failure to do so will result in a 5 point deduction from the paper assignment final grade. Paper will be returned to the instructor via drop box on Desire 2 Learn.

What you need to include in the paper….

1. Title page (consists of title for your paper, your name, date, my name, and class name) (5 points)

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a. Introduce and define your topic (15 points)

b. Provide an overview of your topic (25 points)

c. Support your topic with the journal articles you found (30)

d. What did you learn about the topic? (10 points)

3. Works cited/Reference page (list your 5 journal articles and any other resources you used to get your information) Follow APA style. (15 points)

APA style is required. I do not want headings or an abstract. I am mainly looking at our works cited/reference page being in APA style and referencing throughout your paper for APA style.


Aggression is defined by Loeber and Hay (1997) as “a category of behavior that causes or threatens physical harm to others” (p. 373). They noted that aggression is not generally used as a unitary term but includes a diversity of behaviors, which are verbal, physical fighting, bullying, robbery, mental, rape and homicide. Given that research reports never formulate these distinctions on how apparent and aggression forms are interrelated, the paper makes an all inclusive approach in scrutinizing this concept according to the research results available. A reliable finding, which is a boost to the study, is that aggressive behavior starts early in life and it reaches its peak in most children at an age of four years, whereas it also declines thereafter. It is often not until the school entry age that aggressive behavior forms become evident, (Shaw, et al., 2000). On the other hand, violence is described as an intentional use of physical force, threats against oneself, others, or against a community, which has a tendency of inflicting injury, causing death, less development, psychological harm, or deprivation. It is also considered as an extreme form of aggression where it occurrence may result in assaults, rape or murder.