African American healthcare beliefs


RN231, Advanced Medical Surgical Nursing II Theory

Group Presentation: Understanding Cultural Diversity in Health Care

Point Value: 50


Instructions: You will be assigned to work in a group and given a culture/religion to research and report on to the class in regards to healthcare beliefs, traditions, medications, delivery, etc. This scholarly paper must be at least three (3) pages in length, but not to exceed five (5) pages excluding the cover page and references. Your paper need to address health care beliefs related to the following: nursing as a profession, decision makers related to health care issues, end-of-life health, and western health practices. Citations/references must be in APA format. Work cited must be at least within (5) years from date of publication. Please refer to your student handbook in regards to policies on plagiarism/cheating. You must utilize at least three (3) peer-reviewed, scholarly articles to support your findings.

Cultural group: African American

Grading Criteria:

In order to receive credit for this assignment, the written paper must be submitted by the deadline and your oral presentation to the class must be ready on the date you are assigned. During oral presentation, group members must be in casual business attire and must present a short 15 minute synopsis of your paper.

Criteria Points Possible Points Earned
1. Work submitted shows independent and collaborative thinking and performance. 10
2. Paper is clearly written, in APA format, with no major grammatical or spelling errors. 5
3. Information in regards to cultural/religious health care issues is presented in detail. 25
4. References are presented in APA format and are peer-reviewed and scholarly. 5
5. Oral presentation is organized, clear, and concise. 5
Total 50

Reference: Munoz. C., Luckmann J. (2004). Transcultural Communications in Nursing (2nd. Ed.). Clifton Park, NY: Thomson Learning/Delmar.


African American perception and beliefs about western healthcare professionals is influenced by different factors. With their traditional healthcare system passed over many generations, African Americans still believed in the power of other another person to heal. African Americans were healed by traditional doctors who used herbs and effectively treated their disease. This traditional belief in being healed by another person has been passed over from one generation to the other. However, their interaction with western healthcare systems has changed their perception of ability of other persons to health. African Americans believe that nurse serves the important role as a healer in their lives. However, research evidence shows that there are very few African Americans joining the nursing profession and even for those who join, the rate of drop outs is higher compared with other races.  Evidently, this means that African Americans hold a low view of nursing as a profession (Munoz & Luckmann, 2004). If they had a superior view of nursing, most African Americans would be joining the profession. The low number gives evidence that African Americans could be holding a negative view of nursing as a profession and this have contributed to low ratio of African American nurses compared to other races.