Adventures (1945)


Film Analysis Assignment Prompt
This assignment will build on what we learned about audience and purpose and your writing tools such as tone, structure, ethos, pathos, logos, etc. from the personal narrative. Choose a film that follows the basic hero’s journey. It doesn’t have to be a superhero movie, though those are great and easy choices. Sports and adventure films work well too. Once you have chosen a film, study it critically as we practiced in class, and write up your review/analysis in three to five pages. Decide what you think a central message to the film is. Does it successfully convey that message? Is it a well-made film? Use your answers to develop a thesis, then choose an aspect such as a character, costumes, or a series of shots, and identify the significance in light of the effect it produces (you may need to analyze a number of aspects in a number of similar scenes, but keep them centered on your thesis).

– i choose the film adventures .
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The film “Adventures” was produced in 1945 by Sam Zimbalist, and directed by Victor Fleming. The main stars are Clarke Gable and Greer Carson. It is an adventure film, which follows the life of two great friends, Harry and Mudgin. The film is based on the 1937 novel, The Anointed, which was written by Clyde Brion Davis.  The film “Adventures” has a historical importance because it was among the most successful postwar films at the time when Hollywood was developing.  At the time of production, the film industry was not advanced as it is today, but this did not affect the quality of the movie. Through powerful plot and effective characterization, the film “Adventures” conveys the theme of undying love.