Address the concepts of multi-, inter-, and trans-disciplinary practice and the differences/similarities in each and the impact on disability management practice. Is it just a matter of semantics or something more?


DISM3010 – Final Assignment Marking Template


Length 15 – 20 pages total?:


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Abstract:  /5

  • Acurate?
  • Nonevaluative?
  • Coherent & readable?
  • Concise?
  • Does not exceed 250 words?


Introduction:   /5

  • Describes importance of problem?
  • Relates problem to literature?
  • Outlines primary and secondary objectives of paper?
  • Relates objectives to one another as well as literature?
  • Implies/outlines theoretical and practical implications of paper?


Discussion/Content:  /15

  • Arguments/point of view/hypotheses/theory clearly outlined?
  • Appropriate use of literature/evidence to support arguments?
  • Contains only on-topic info or ideas?
  • Persuasive use of language & organization?
  • Demonstrates strong understanding of topic and argument?


Challenges/Conclusion:       /5

  • Clarifies conclusions as they logically follow from the discussion/content?
  • Considers other points of view/counter arguments and addresses them?
  • Clearly describes implications of paper conclusions?
  • Relates conclusions back to the literature?
  • Provides suggestions for next steps/future efforts?


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The concepts of multi, inter, and trans-disciplinary practice are very essential in any discipline and have similarities and differences. Trans-disciplinary practice involves collaboration between traditional and modern disciplines in order to come up with a refined outcome. This is very important as disciplines add value to each other. Multidisciplinary approach is the aspect of using many different disciplines in problem solving or decision making. Interdisciplinary approach involves collaborative communication and ideas rather than shared ideas. In this case, collaboratively each discipline contributes ideas and skills in order to interpret findings. Through a consensus, priorities are negotiated and an agreement made in decision making and problem solving. All these concepts are very essential in disability management practice as when used jointly, they bring about good outcomes. For instance, in the management of injury and disability at workplace; the aspect of joint labor collaboration can be of great significance. This study addresses the concepts of interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, and trans-disciplinary approaches and identifies their impacts on disability management.