Critical Reflection ACME INDUSTRIES, Brisbane

Between week 9 and 11, we engaged with ACME Industries on a public relations exercise. As a group, we reviewed different scenarios that affected the company’s reputation after the EPA report emerged about the company’s landfill that was a public health threat. This reflection looks back at what we did as a group in engaging with__ the organisation. The reflection looks at the theories and models we used, my participation, and how the exercise contributed to my personal and professional development.



Title: Critical reflective essay
Type: Assignment – Written Assignment
Learning Outcomes Assessed: 4, 8, 9
Due Date:
5 Oct 18 17:00
Weight: 30%
Marked out of: 30
Task Description:
Students will write an individual critical reflective essay of 1500 words based on their scenario response
work undertaken in groups from across weeks 9 to 11. The essay should offer a theory-rich reflection on
the student's own experiences and newly acquired insights and understanding of public relations
practice. The essay should offer:
a. A critique of the theoretical and practical elements and concepts employed in the team's
response to the crisis scenario. Consider these questions in devising your essay: What theories
did the team draw upon in devising its strategies and responses to the scenarios? Were they
useful? Why or why not? What strategies do you think were successful and why? With hindsight,
would you have done things differently and in what way? Academic sources will be required to
support your discussion. This should not be a superficial 'road map' or 'notes' of what transpired
but an insightful, critical reflection into the thinking behind your decisions, also making the
important links to theory and principles in PR practice.
b. A reflection on your experiences and the validity of these experiences to your overall
understanding of public relations professional practice. For example, what did you learn about
teamwork? What did you learn about devising an ethical approach in your scenario responses
and dealing with different stakeholder groups? What are some of the skills you could bring to an
c. In a separate section after your conclusion, detail your own contribution to the team's response
and management of the crisis scenario. List tasks you were involved in and reflect on how you
contributed to teamwork, timing, tasking and outcomes during the scenarios.
Criteria & Marking:
A marking criteria rubric is provided on L@G. Students receive feedback and mark on Turnitin.
This assessment item:
■ is a school based activity
■ is an individual activity
■ does not include a self assessment activity
■ does not have a resubmission provision