ACCM 4600 Accounting Theory And Contemporary Issues



Serious consideration of work- life balance and its effect on the professional performance as well as the family life has been critical to generations of accountants. The restrictive lifestyle and personal sacrifice characterized by the roles played by professional employees such as accountants is important towards the growth and performance of any organization. However, employees need to balance their professional duties with family and personal lives in order to remain productive in their duties. Work- life balance therefore is an important aspect to consider especially in the accounting field to avoid job stress and job dissatisfaction among employees.


Background of the Study

In the recent past, there has been increased interest in work- life balance within organization as a result of technology development like laptops and smartphones. Unlike traditionally when employees were expected to be fully engaged in their duties, the modern circumstances and technology allow employees to work at the comfort of their homes and get leaves. Organizations require employees to improve their productivity by increasing their working time but this practice induce increased pressure and stress and the consequence is role- overload and eventually low productivity (Adikaram, 2016).



Assessment Information
Subject Code: ACCM 4600
Subject Name: Accounting Theory and Contemporary Issues
Assessment Title: Individual Case Study
Weighting: 50% of overall subject mark
Total Marks:
Due Date:

50 Marks; Part 1- 10 marks and Part 2 – 40 marks
Part 1 – 10 Marks: due Monday 19:55(AEST) – Week 5
Part 2 – 40 Marks: due Monday 19:55(AEST) – Week 11

Assessment Description

Subject Learning Outcome 1:
Research and argue a position in regard to a contemporary issue in the accounting profession
The written assignment will need to be submitted electronically through the student portal.
Write a report based on the assignment. Your final report (Part 2) should be approximately
3000 words not including references, abstract and appendices. You should include a word
count on your report. Submissions that exceed the word count by more than 10% will cease to
be marked from the point at which that limit is exceeded.
The Assignment is designed to test the following skills:
1. Your knowledge, your ability to research the issues and then critically analyse the
information appropriately using judgement to answer the research questions raised.
2. Your communication skills – report writing
Please make sure you follow the guidelines noted in your subject outline especially those
relating to presentation of written work, late policy and academic integrity.

Assignment ACCM 4600 T2, 2018 Page 2 of 4
Individual Research Assignment – Case Study
You work for a large consulting firm.
Several of your clients are accounting firms who are concerned about the possible
opportunities and threats evident in the international accounting practice, including:
• Keeping up with new technology,
• Keeping up with new standards and regulations,
• Enabling employee work-life balance,
• Weaknesses in the auditing process, following a string of high-profile accounting
failures across the world.
Some feel that any of these issues may threaten their current business strategy whereas
others believe that these present opportunities to provide services to clients more efficiently.
As you are a recent accounting graduate, your Manager David Brown has tasked you with
writing a draft report on any ONE of the issues, as it may impact on accounting businesses.
The report will be available to clients and used as a marketing tool to showcase the skills of
your consulting firm.

The key elements of your report should be understandable to both accountants and non-
accountants (the boards of the accounting firms often include non-accounting professionals).

Your manager has requested that the report contains (but is not necessarily restricted to)
responses to the following aspects (as they impact on accounting):
1. What is the “issue of concern”, that you have selected?
2. How has this “issue” impacted the work of accountants in recent decades?
3. Opportunities from proper handling of the “issue”
4. Threats from neglecting the “issue”, including which types of business will be most ‘at
5. Making recommendations on how the mitigation strategies for the “issue” should be
communicated to clients (i.e. which methods of communication should be used)
6. Arguments for and against having a specialist team to deal with the “issue”,
concluding with a recommendation
7. Recommending how staff should be trained on the technical aspects of the “issue”,
and on ways to deal with client queries
It is important that your report comes to some clear conclusions and make some practical
recommendations for accounting practices to follow.
You are aware of some excellent literature on the “Issue” of your choice that you will also
incorporate in this report. You can include any information in the report which you think will
assist your clients to better understand this important topic. You must support your
arguments and hence use at least ten resources to inform your discussion. The library
databases ( will provide many useful
journal articles on this topic. You can use this article for initial reference:

After you have submitted the report plan (Part 1) to your manager, they will provide some
feedback on your work to assist you with the final report (Part 2).

Assignment ACCM 4600 T2, 2018 Page 3 of 4
In Part-2, your manager is keen that you include a response to their feedback at the end of
your report, after the references. You must outline how you were able to reflect on this
feedback, and on any areas for improvement you identified yourself, in order to enhance
your final report.

You need to provide the information requested above in a report format in two stages as
outlined below
Part 1: 10% due on Mon of week 5
– Evaluating information resources and research plan
1. Students are to answer the following questions and Identify 10 sources relevant to the
a) The purpose of the report is…..
b) The audience for the report is….
c) The key decision(s) to be made….
d) The information that would help them to make this decision is……
e) What keywords will I use in my search?
2. Identify 10 sources relevant to the project (e.g. journal articles, textbooks, websites etc.).
At least 4 of these must be academic journal articles but there should be a variety of
different sources used.
3. Complete a source analysis on 3 of the 10 sources with full bibliographic references. At
least 2 of these sources must be academic journal articles. Refer to the source analysis
4. Provide a full plan of main and sub headings of the report (include appropriate
Resources to help you understand these requirements and in particular the source analysis
template are provided on Moodle, including explanatory documents, marking rubrics and
slides (which accompany a presentation by your lecturer in week 2).
The Part 1 word limit is 1500 words
Part 2: 40% due on Mon of week 11
Final Business Report 40% comprising –
Business report technical content 30%
Business report format, language and presentation 10%
Note: The Assessment Rubric or marking rubric is a separate document and you are advised
to read through it to obtain guidance on how the lecturers will mark your assignment. A
summary of the mark allocation is given below:

Assignment ACCM 4600 T2, 2018 Page 4 of 4
Technical Skills – content 30 Marks
Professional Competency Skills
Report Writing Skills:

Feedback response, Format, Language and Presentation 10 Marks
Evaluating information resources and research plan 10 Marks
Assignment Mark 50 Marks
The Part 2 word limit is 3000 words, not including references, abstract and appendices.

~~~End of Assignment~~~