Accounting. | Decision making and the role of accounting


Refer to the 2014 annual report of JB Hi-Fi Limited on its website,,
and answer the following questions:
1. What are the different types of revenues generated by the consolidated group?
2. How are the group’s assets classified?
3. What are the major categories listed among the group’s equity? How many
ordinary shareholders did JB Hi-Fi Limited have at the end of the financial year?
4. What is the group’s current liability for dividends to ordinary shareholders? If you
owned only 100 ordinary shares in JB Hi-Fi Limited, how much would you receive in
dividends? If added the interim dividend, what is the current year’s total amount of
dividend per share? What is the Last year’s final dividend paid in the current period?
5. How do the dividends per share compare with the group’s ‘earnings’ per share (use
basic earnings per share)? What is the dividend payout ratio for current year?


1.Describe the decision-making process

2.Explain the nature and dynamic environment of accounting and its main functions

3.Identify the potential users of accounting information

4.Identify and use information to make simple economic decisions

5.Distinguish between accounting for management and accounting for external users

6.Identify the different areas of the economy in which accountants work

7.Identify common types of business entities

8.Explain the importance of ethics in business and accounting and identify ethical dilemmas and how to resolve them as part of the decision-making process