Acai in Mexico

On the attached PDF, there are instructions and this paper will be following the ″Option 2– Customer Analysis For products and services primarily aimed at customers. My proposal is Expand Sambazon Acai’s product offerings into a new market of Mexico. I have also outlined an example of what an outline could possibly look like for some more guidance on how to write the paper but doesn′t have to follow it exactly.

Outline Paper Guidelines

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Acai products are known to contribute largely to health and nutritional benefits amongst its consumers. Due to these reasons and the global sensation that has been attributed to healthy eating, the little berries from South America Amazon have become a common trend. Individuals who make to maintain a healthy and nutritional outlook in their diets have made the demand for the berries to increase tremendously. Therefore, the focus of this research will be aimed at creating and improving new ways of introducing, marketing and expanding the acai to a new market in Mexico.