academic writing | Advantages of Online Learning against Face-to- face Learning


Academic Writing – Extra Assessment Task
You are required to write a 600 word position piece on the following prompt:
Is on-line learning as good as Face-to- Face-learning?
Your position piece must use all of the academic conventions listed in the table on page 15 by Brick
(2011). In addition, it needs to have a title and at least 5 academic references (this means you must
have a reference list also).
Your response must be created as a word document and submitted to Moodle by 4.00pm Tuesday
27th September 2016.


Online learning, basically, involves use of the internet to access educational services offered by learning institutions in different parts across the globe. This mode of learning seems to have lately become more popular compared to the traditional mode of learning where the student has to meet face to face with the tutor.  The following features portray online learning as a more preferable adventure compared to one-on-one mode of learning that has been considered by many scholars to be outdated.