Academic Essay | Four key concepts in modern geography


1005HSL Individual Essay Assessment 4 (35%) Due – Week 12
You are required to research and write a maximum 1200 word essay on a selected essay topic
that is due week 12 at the beginning of the tutorial. This individual essay should be submitted to
your tutor in hard copy and also electronically via Turnitin.
From the topics listed below select three; your first, second and third choice. Together with your
tutor you will negotiate your final choice.
To develop a deeper understanding of people and places in society, these topics are designed
to enable you to research an area in which you are interested and to apply some disciplinary
understanding of the social sciences. You are required to use library and Internet resources to
help you research ideas and theoretical and literary sources that will support your conceptual
Formatting guidelines
The essay is to be submitted at the beginning of the tutorial in week 12. Please write your
essays using 1.5 line spacing, 2.5 cm margins, no header or footer content except page
numbers, type in 12 point font size either Arial or Times New Roman style, and use APA 6 th
edition referencing system (as per the CourseNotes page on the portal).
You are required to submit the body of your essay (not including Title Page or reference List) to
Turnitin and obtain a % Match Report which you need to attach to the assignment. Do not
attach the digital receipt, if you do the penalty is -1.0 mark. As Associate Degree students
you are expected to have less than 5% match. Higher percentages will incur penalties.


Tourism and geography are two aspects that are interlinked (Hall and Page, 2014). The four concepts of geography space, place, environment and scale determine how a tourist will experience leisure and enjoyment. Murphy (2004) concludes that who a person is determined by the part they come from. In relation to tourism, the aspects of space, place, environment and scale in a destination determine the leisure and tourism aspects that are found there. This essay explains Murphy (2004) and the four key concepts in modern geography; space, place, environment and scale and how they interlink. The essay discuses how these theoretical concepts apply to a tourist visiting Tahiti.