academic Business Plan for Coffee Shop in Riyadh City


This my Thesis to get my Master Degree.

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Business Plan Abstract:

Riyadh Java (Coffee Shop) Business Plan

Riyadh Java is a new coffee shop in Riyadh for everybody wants to enjoy high quality café in very nice place. Riyadh Java will provide customers with best prepared coffee in the city. Moreover, the coffee shop will give the customers choose of making custom-blended flavored coffee drinks, hot chocolate, cold beverages and fresh-baked pastries.
The Riyadh Java will be operated by the owner and three workers. The total cost of the coffee shop will be around SR 350,000. This project will be financed by the owner saving and family support, without the need for any additional equity or debt. The location of Riyadh Java will be in Olaya district in the north side of the city, where are most of important sites and famous local landmarks, such as the Kingdom Tower , number of major shopping centers and luxuries hotels.
• Keys to Success
• Provide customers the finest quality of coffee and beverages.

• Riyadh Java has a comfortable atmosphere for customers who seek a relaxation and fun.

Table of Contents:
Table of Contents
1- Executive Summary
2- Business Description
2.1 Vision
2.2 Mission
2.3 Values
2.4 Goals and Objectives
3. Business Environment Analysis
3.1 Industry Background
3.1.1 Industry Definition
3.1.2 Porters Five Forces
3.2 Competitive Analysis
3.2.1 Direct Competitors
3.2.2 Indirect Competitor
3.2.3 Potential Competitors
3.2.4 The Competitive Edge
3.3 Market Analysis
3.3.1 SWOT Analysis
3.4 Customers Profile
4. Marketing Plan
4.1 Marketing Objectives
4.2 Marketing Mix (4p’s)
5. Operations Plan
6. Financial Plan
6.1 Sales Scheme
6.2 Cash Flow Statement
6.3 Income Statement
6.4 Balance Sheet
7. Attachments
9. References


Riyadh Java will be a coffee shop that will be established in Riyadh.  The business seeks to seize the opportunity presented by the growing number of Saudis who are taking to coffee. The coffee shop market in Riyadh has experienced tremendous growth in the recent years with international coffee   players like Starbucks setting up operations in the city.  The vision of the business is to become the leading coffee shop of choice in Riyadh while the mission is to offer high quality gourmet coffee in addition to personalized services.  The business will cultivate a number of values including integrity, responsibility, profitability, value and employees.  Riyadh Java hopes to capture about 30% of the market in the first year of operation and increase profitability by 10%.  The keys to success will be the store design, employee training, marketing strategies, and quality services.  The coffee shop industry is competitive but has little barriers for entry which means it will be easier for Riyadh Java to venture into the market. However, the business will face high competition from the established coffee shops including international players. It will also face competition from indirect competitors who sell substitute products.