about my project


Your final write-up should be in the form of a research paper.
It should include a description of your data set, how and why the data were originally collected, what
your data set measures, and the interpretation of the variable.
Your analysis section should be more technical by including formulas, definitions, and reasons you
are using the techniques.
Your discussion of the results should be supported by appropriate graphical and/or tabular displays
needed to illustrate the key points. Some key points that should be included are listed below.
Which graphical displays best represent your data set? Why?
What do the numerical statistics mean within the context of your data set?
Interpret the confidence intervals.
For your hypothesis testing: did you reject or fail to reject the null hypothesis? What does this
mean in the context of the question you were trying to answer?
Summarize your conclusions. Does the data set follow a normal trend? What does all of the
information tell you about your data set? Are there underlying issues with your data set? Did you
have problems working with your data set?
Your report should be prepared using a word processor, size 12 times new roman font, and double
Needs to include a Title Page with your name, date, and project title
Needs to include a references page (be sure to cite your data set)
• Needs to include an appendix section where
o Appendix I: Data set
o Appendix II: Results
• Needs to include the following headlines: Introduction, Analysis Techniques, Results, Discussion of
Results, Conclusion


This data was collected in order to monitor sales.  The data collected monitored the order date of different office items. It recorded the total sales that were realized by every individual, who were sales representatives in this case.  The data was collected from different regions. The following were the main regions from where the data was collected: