How did John McCain and Barack Obama differ on abortion? Since President Barack Obama was elected, what potential changes do you foresee in abortion law? If McCain had been selected as president, what could he have changed?


During the 2008 presidential elections campaigns Obama observed that abortion is one of the key issues that he disagreed with the Republican candidate. According to Obama abortion is not only a difficult issue but a moral one which should be left to the women to decide. The decision will come on their part after due consultation with their family, doctors, religious advisers and the like. McCain on the other hand is against abortion no matter the circumstances. However the case of the partial-birth-abortion tends to bring the two views into clear perspective. Obama is of the opinion that he will support the ban on late term abortion as long as it is detrimental to the health of the mother. For his seemingly shifting goal posts some critics have labeled Obama as pro-abortion and not pro-life as he professes to be. Nevertheless President Obama has come to witness the difficulty of fulfilling his election pledge to sign the Freedom of Choice Act. This is mainly due to the mounting pressure from interest groups.