A Streetcar by Tennessee Williams


Please answer each prompt in 2 separate paragraphs. Prompt #1: Provide at least two specific examples (at least one from the earlier part and one from the later part) from the play (include page number and/or scene number) and support your claim that the play either offers a claim for a hopeful future or cause for despair for the future of marital relationships and the American family. Prompt #2: Unresolved guilt can be a powerful force in a person′s life. Identify two examples (one from Scenes 1-5 and one from Scenes 6-11) that illustrate that Blanche is motivated by guilt and explain how Williams portrays this? Do you believe the portrait of Blanche is effective. If so, why? If not, why not? Please be certain to provide concrete references to the text and clear support for your conclusion. PLAY PDF: http://www.metropolitancollege.com/Streetcar.pdf REFERENCE VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zTL_Q3tOsBA

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During the early parts of the play in scene one, Blanche who had come to visit Stella’s family, met with Mitch and they admired each other (Tennessee et al, 2). They started an affair right away. In the third scene, Stanley came home drank beating Stella who was his wife and forcing her to flee, thus, attracting attention of their neighbors.The next morning, Blanche had a conversation with Stella and was trying to convince her to quit the marriage and start a new life. Stella rejected her advice because she expecting a baby. In the later parts of the play in scene eleven, Stanley investigated and realized that, Blanche had problems of marriage instability,and was involved ina sexual relationship with a minor forcing her to quit her job as a teacher thenescaped from the town that she lived in. From the two scenes, one from the earlier parts of the play and the other from the later parts, one can suggest that, American marriages are faced with serious moral challenges ranging from trust issues to violence and seems that there is no hope in future for stable marriages. For instance Blanche’s relationship with Mitch saw the two couples prepare for a bright future after marriage, but they parted ways when Mitch learned about Blanche’s past life, making Mitch to turn away from the affair, thus, bringing hopes of a happy marriage to an end.